Several Steam achievements awarded incorrectly

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Gusto and Fatale - this one didn't show up for me initially after I'd completed all of their quests. Rather oddly, it popped up during my conversation with Silas when he's sat on his cot after sobering up.

Play All - this one popped up when Silas sang his lullaby. However, during that conversation sequence is when Tilo gets the idea for "The Orphan Prince", so I'd yet to even play that song yet I got the achievement.

Arachnophobia - on my way through the catacombs to meet Ravik, this one popped up for me as I was passing near the original 2 spiders. At this point I hadn't been down into the lower catacombs/killed the spiders there.

A Name to a Face - not sure if you'd call this a bug or not, as it specifically says "in Dwindling Heights", but this one pops up before you even meet Ravik (who is technically in the catacombs).
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