The crashing has become regular.

This is where you can post about bugs and issues that are specific to the Xbox One version of Ghost of a Tale.
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I've spent twenty-one hours while playing this game on my Xbox One, and I have had the game and my Xbox One crash.
1. Game crashes upon start-up. This has shut off my Xbox One.
2. Game crashes during quick-saving when saving in a barrel, cupboard, water trough, or coffin.
3. Game crashes while auto-saving, after speaking with any character.
4. Game crashes after interacting with objects such as: candles, flags, and gates.

Found a possible bug that happens after you find the Thief's hat. After saving in a coffin, my hat was taken away and replaced with my Minstrel's cap. Tulong's hat was thankfully still in my inventory.

Another possible bug is about the Red Mist, which when used, doesn't always show hidden items. Or there are no items to be gained.
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'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
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Sorry that happened, and thank for reporting that to us !

Can you describe which model of XBox One do you use please ?
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I've had the same experience as Pyrobunny. I'm on Xbox One S

The game crashes frequently when saving, loading, interacting with characters or objects, or transitioning between light and dark areas. Sometimes it crashes immediately on startup. I can rarely play for more than an hour without some sort of glitch that requires me to restart the game. At one point, during a conversation with Fatale, I attempted to load a saved game in the middle of the conversation, but the game froze at the "Loading" screen. Though the load bar never progressed, it seemed that the game continued to progress behind it. I couldn't see anything, but I could hear background noises, such as Gusto sneezing and guards walking and when I pressed navigation and selection buttons, I could hear clicks as though I were interacting with a menu. I could find no way to escape other than restarting my system.
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Absolutely! The model of Xbox One I have is, the original Xbox One.
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Just wanted to add to this that i too have been having the game crash at more and more regular intervals, in my 7 hours of playtime the game has crashed about 6/7 times, it's pretty much about once per hour at this point, they seem to happen randomly but 90% of the crashes have been from the autosaving when exiting dialogue with a character.

As much as i love this game the frequent crashing is really taking away from the experience when i have redo certain things due to losing progress from the game randomly crashing, i am also on an original Xbox One.
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Same here. I love this game but I've experienced 5 crashes (Xbox rebooted 1 time, sent me 3 times to Xbox home, and game rebooted 1 time) in 7 hours (the moment before or after talking to NPCs).
There are also regular resolution drops but it's far less annoying than crashes.
I'm also playing on Xbox One fat on the 8.32 version.
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