What will happen with the IndieGoGo-page?

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Just a thought: do the funding sites on IndieGoGo have an expiration date? I'm asking because I was browsing the old comments section and there are some really historic moments in there that would be a grevious loss should they be deleted. Especially when 10 years from now, there will be a huge GoaT merchandize with leatherbound documentaries. On their papyrus pages could be callligraphed some of the earliest comments about the game's funding.

For example:

"You had me at Fancy-hat!"

The overwhelming enthusiasm was soon to be quenched by the foreboding shadow of reality:

"So sad :/
Just 12 days left and not even half of the budget is reached :/
No chance of a longer donation? ……."

But the long departed gods could not stand the errancy of human cash flow and decided to descend to earth for just one last time and prolong the Indiegogo campaign. And of course to prove Seith wrong as he was assuming:

Seith: "I’ve just asked if there’s a way to push back the campaign’s deadline by a week or so, and I’m waiting to hear back from Indiegogo. But I’m afraid I already know the answer…"

But, alas, even the gods couldn't undo the evil of a human cash flow gone mad:

"8000+ Euro to go and just 5 days left :/
So sad.
And I guess another extension is out of question….."

Even when all the odds where against it, the spirit of GoaT did not bow to total despair! Some hope clung tight to the few cracks in the bare rock:

"To Seith, try posting on reddit.com/r/games/ instead of /gaming/. Gaming tends to be more about pictures instead of news and discussion.
Hopefully we see a good push in the last few days!"

In this difficult and burdensome time, the new pangan religion Goatism was born:


And the little hope that was left gave soil to a nucleus of possibility:

"I regained my hope. If the momentum continues like this, we WILL make it!
it makes me so happy and proud."

And lo and behold! the miracle happened!:

Can’t say how happy I am right now!
Congratz Seith, and thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible!
I can’t wait to play this little piece of art :)"

And the gods and their titans saw that it was good and they were content:

"At last you got the money to buy a new graphics card :P"

And thus began the long and successfull story of Seith and his heritage. Minor miscommunication included:

Backer: "Well that was that… Now go make us a great game! :-)"
Seith: "What?! Do you guys mean I have to do a game now…? Oh, alright, if you insist… :)"
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'Ghost of a Tale' Community Manager
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KwisatzHaderach wrote:"You had me at Fancy-hat!"
That is a great quote :D


Yes, brother Kwisatz, the IGG page should stay up forever, to become a shrine to a multitude GoaT devotees! It will be a reminder to people of what I like to call 'The Struggle (to get funded)'.

The server that hosts the IGG site should be placed in a great temple, spectacularly lit. The sacred box itself encased in platinum, gold and diamonds. I envisage it as powered with only the purest electricity generated by lightning.

Perhaps, in future, we might use Kickstarter-type rewards for worshippers. Of course, the holiest and most blissful enlightment -along with the wilder indulgences- would be given to the highest-paying tiers?
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