Patrolling Guard Bug

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The Patrolling guard near the Mice duo prison cell ( North Courtyard) seems to get stuck in place after you lose him and never resets to his patrol path unless I re-Agro him. This happens pretty regularly. Not game breaking in any way but frustrating. could we eventually get tools or gear stat bonuses that lengthen the time the guards stay knocked out? And on that note if I leave an area while a guard is knocked out, he stays that way with an hour glass on my hud until I return to the area upon which the timer (hourglass) resumes. Was this intentional? And by Leaving the area I mean changing active maps.
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
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Thanks for reporting feedback !

We are still fixing this patrolling rat, this one is a rebellious one^^.
Yes this is intentional to let give you the possibility to lose a tail.

Also, keep in mind for the hard times that grease jars can stun every rat in almost every situation.
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