This is where you can post about bugs and issues that are specific to the Xbox One version of Ghost of a Tale.
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Will this new area be added with the 4.36 build that Microsoft is currently certifying? I'm already done and want mooooore. Cept can't find the triple headed acorn...
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I am still looking for the pieces of armor... And getting more staff on the way. It is a lovely game.
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'Ghost of a Tale' Creator and Developer
'Ghost of a Tale' Creator and Developer
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@Urban: No, the catacomb won't be part of 4.36, sorry (it's more a stability + performance + visuals kind of build). In any case we will probably open up a different area before we open the catacombs.

The triple-headed acorn is unfortunately a bug in 4.0 which has already been fixed. But as with 99% of the bugs in the current build you'll have to wait for 4.36 to get that fix. Sorry about that!

@BlinxESP: Cheers! :)
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