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Hellew! Firstly, I'd like to congratulate all involved in making an absolutely fantastic game that I, for one, absolutely cannot wait for the full release of!

I would like to make an incredibly modest suggestion, if I may, following difficulties I had with the game.

It could well be that I've either missed something while playing or that I'm just that stupid but during my entire playthrough (up until the very end), I didn't realise that you could burn items with the candle. This is, as most will know, only really important for one part of one quest (not counting the optional collect-quest) and, when I'd spent about half an hour mindlessly tottering about in the sewers (I'd also encountered the disappearing sewer map bug at the time) I waded into Google and asked the folks there if they knew how to retrieve the spider venom.

Now, I'd been up there, nose against the cobwebs, and seen a big old dead thing and a nice glowing mushroom (for another side-quest) so I'd assumed that that was the way to go but I never even thought about whipping out the candle. Honestly, I'd quite forgotten about it. Whenever I needed to see in the dark, I grabbed my lantern - it just seemed like the better option and refills are pretty plentiful.

I'd like to suggest, then, that there be a better introduction to the whole burning things mechanic (as I say, I may well have missed something so I'm incredibly sorry if that's the case). I thought that, perhaps, another NPC could initiate the burning banners side-quest earlier, thereby making you aware that, yes, the candle can burn things. Alternatively, being required to burn through something far earlier would help you make the logical leap that other things in the world could be burned (even if it's something like getting rid of a document or something - Tilo helpfully prods the player to use the candle to burn it).

One other thing: I totally get that Tilo needs to be hiding to save the game but it seems a little... odd... that you can't just save in a few other safe locations: namely, anywhere with a bed. I know that those places all have hiding spots in them so it doesn't really make any odds, I think that being able to save out in the open (well, in the safely guard-free confines of someone else's bedroom) would be a nice change once in a while (absolutely nothing game-breaking for me and I get that it might be difficult to incorporate that, coding-wise). I'm just being an 'immersion' snob :P

That's it! Other than to say that I'm very much looking forwards to carrying on Tilo's quest and can't wait to see what happens next :)
Thanks again!
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Hello Bruce!!

Thank you so much for your comments, and suggestions. In the final game the mechanic of using the candle to burn things in the world will be introduced by an NPC, but I agree that it would be good to introduce the mechanic in a more organic way earlier in the game. I'll give it some thought.

I take your point about feeling safe enough in some rooms to directly save without hiding, but we need to be sure that the rats are not in an aggressive state during the save, so saving from hiding places (and autosaving during NPC conversations and sleeping) helped make that very clear to the player, while being consistent with Tilo's character. It also helps maintain some tension in the gameplay, as the player can't save all the time. Still, we made sure there are plenty of places to hide and save.

Thanks again, and don't hesitate if you have any more suggestion!

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Hi, could we use it in bedroom?
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goseethis wrote:Hi, could we use it in bedroom?
Sounds like a fire hazard :lol:
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