Swapped inventory/quests/etc and pause menu buttons

This is where you can post about bugs and issues that are specific to the Xbox One version of Ghost of a Tale.
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Not a bug but just an UI refinement. On Xbox One the "menu button" (aka the sandwitch button) is usually used as a pause menu, for accessing load/save/options and so on. The "view button" instead, the one with two squares, is usually used for in-game management screens like GoaT's inventory/quests/lore ones.

In GoaT these buttons are swapped: not a big deal and something you quickly get used to, but the first instinct is always pressing the menu button to go to the pause menu. So swapping them to their standard functions could make accessing them more straightforward.
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I completely agree. I didn't say anything but actually I am constantly pressing the wrong one
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Same here. Please swap them!
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That's a good point. I'll see what I can do!
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