Game just quit.

This is where you can post about bugs and issues that are specific to the Xbox One version of Ghost of a Tale.
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Dog nose
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Hi so I just played for the first time and after speaking with the Pirate Frog and picking up some grain the hall the game just quit out. I did love the 10 minutes I played. The game is beautiful. I think you may have something special here.
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'Ghost of a Tale' Creator and Developer
'Ghost of a Tale' Creator and Developer
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Hello Dog Nose! I'm glad you like the game despite the short session!

We'll look into that bug...
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Yup,same here :)

I will try again later.
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I just finished downloading and installed on xbox one . Started game up quit to dashboard twice already, i know its a beta people.

After getting a coffee and giving this game a chance , damn this game is very addicting.
So far so good.

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