Footlocker keys

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It seems to me that there are possibly multiple keys named "footlocker keys" and they are consumed when you use them.

This is confusing. As far as I can tell, this is the only type of key that behaves this way in the game, and I spent a while trying to figure out why my "footlocker key" couldn't open some of the chests with that label.

Only after looking it up online did I realize what was going on.

a quick fix would be to rename them "footlocker 1", "footlocker 2", etc. This would reduce player confusion dramatically.
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Hi fro, thanks for your message.

This is a good idea, we're looking into the possibility of making this change.

Thanks again,

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+1 on renaming footlocker keys. Maybe even give the guards names and attach the names to the footlockers and keys, rather than just numbers. "Jimbo's footlocker key" opens "Jimbo's footlocker"
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