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Hello. So I've been playing this morning for about 2 hours, did a lot of quicksaves, autosaves and manual one (overwriting old one). I managed to enter the sewers, died eaten by worms (or fishes). When I've chosen to reload last save the game has frozen. I restarted it and clicked on continue. Game loaded...but with save from yesterday. Then I've noticed that all my saves from today are missing and I only have the ones from yesterday (9-10 hours old). I've noticed that somwhere in middle of playing my account logged off (lost connection with Wi-Fi) so maybe thats the problem - somehow my lost saves are somwhere but unassigned to my profile so I cannot load it?
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
'Ghost of a Tale' Programming
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That is strange, have you several users into your console ?
Maybe there was a problem when switching from a user into another ?
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