Gilded Armor isn’t spawning on second playthrough

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I was able to complete the game 100% in my initial play through, but I’m currently attempting a second play through for no damage from enemies/no alerted guards/no eating to get the platinum trophy.

I just completed the quest “Vessels of the Gilded Warrior” And upon doing so, only the Golded Chest Plate spawned. In my initial play through. The whole armor set spawned just fine. I tried loading and older save to turn it in again as well as closing the game, resetting my PS4 and turning in the quest again upon reload, and still only the chest plate spawns.

Is there something I’m missing or is this a legitimate bug?

I’m on Version 1.03, launch PS4 with system software 6.51
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Thanks for the info.
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Hello, very interesting.
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