The game is wonderful, but more varied gameplay, please!

Share your ideas and thoughts for the game with the community and team.
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First off, I think that this game is superb! The environmental graphics are so wonderfully evocative and full of character that I find myself playing just to soak up the atmosphere and vibrant sense of place. The lore is well written and interesting to read. The characters are quirky, humorous and clearly defined.

What surprises me, though, is the lack of varied gameplay mechanics. I was anticipating a more Zelda-esque experience - i.e. a balanced mix of various gameplay styles (stealth, npc conversations, combat, puzzles) - rather than a game that is so reliant (and I am tempted to say overly so) on the stealth mechanic, with other things bolted on around the edges.

I think that the game would be even better if it included:

1) a Zelda style combat system (obviously underpowered, to be used as a desperate last resort as we're controlling a mouse minstrel rather than a warrior hero.)

2) more environmental challenges - rope swinging, balance beams, more platforming, etc.

3) a simple selection of magical songs that the protagonist could play on his instrument with a variety of effects on enemies, environments and himself.

4) an equal emphasis on stealth and the the aforementioned suggested features - not just a predominantly stealth-game experience with other gameplay mechanisms bolted on and underused.

To be clear, I *like* the stealth mechanic (although it could benefit from some refinements) and it should be an important part of the game, but at the moment it seems to be so heavily emphasised that it limits the fun, variety and even the potential of the game.
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On reflection I think that "bolted on" was an obnoxious way for me to describe the current non-stealth gameplay mechanics - I didn't mean to be so dismissive and insulting of your hard work, sorry!

The game is fabulous and everyone involved in creating it should feel immensely proud of what has already been achieved.
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Hi! Reposting this here, just in case you missed the reply on Steam:

Thank you! Don't worry, I understood what you meant - I only quoted the phrase as a shorthand. There are definitely mechanics in the game right now that don't get fully utilized (using the candles to set things alight, for example), but they'll have a much bigger application in the future.

Any more thoughts or suggestions, don't hesitate to post them here.

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