ETA for next content update?

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So far, for me this is already the game of the year - and, in fact, the best game that I have seen for longer than that - and I'm eager to see more of it!

Any news on when the next content update will be? By this I mean an update that adds new stuff to the game rather than a bug fixing patch? Do you have a roadmap of content milestones that you could share?
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'Ghost of a Tale' Creator and Developer
'Ghost of a Tale' Creator and Developer
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Hi JustLuke. Really glad you like the game! :)

The early access version will keep being regularly updated to fix all the remaining bugs and add player-requested features. In parallel some game mechanics will get introduced and refined as needed until everything feels thoroughly solid and consistent.

After which the early access will be deemed complete in its scope and work will move forward on the final game itself (new enemies, locations, quests, assets, etc...).

In other words we might not have huge content updates (aka milestones) since basically everything is going to be closely inter-related and co-dependent, making it really difficult to isolate just parts of the game (like we did for the early access release).

That being said, whenever we feel we can do a sizeable update with new content for you guys to test we will of course. We already have things coming up in a future update (not the very next one) which will tweak gameplay and costume effects on Tilo's stats. New tools and ways to deal with enemies will also be introduced in the early access at some point.

So it's not like what's out there will never change until the final release. Far from it!
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