What / Who made you buy this game ?

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Hi everyone,

I just read from the front page's blog that the early access was launched without any publicity, so I though it might be interesting to share a bit the reasons why we bought the early access. I'd be curious to know by what means people found out about its existence and how they came to decide that this was a worthy spend.

As far as I am concerned, I had never heard of the game until the Early Access was launched, and I had not even purchased any Early Access game before Ghost of A Tale ; this was really a first for me.

What triggered the purchase for me was a 1 hour Let's Play done on the French website Gamekult.com, where the journalist was clearly enthusiastic and explained the concept well. I found the game beautiful and tortuous and I felt like trying it. I believe the journalist was himself an early backer from the Indiegogo campaign and had access to the game in advance. Good thing he decided to share his experience!

Needless to say I was not disappointed and look forward to the next steps.
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'Ghost of a Tale' Creator and Developer
'Ghost of a Tale' Creator and Developer
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Nice! We watched the Gamekult stream with a lot of excitement and anxiety and were really relieved when it turned out not to bug out too much (except the blooming issue towards the end). :)
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I saw the early alpha trailer a while back and have been lightly keeping up with development of this game ever since. Every couple of months/weeks I would drop by the website and check out the development updates.

Then the Early Access version was announced to be released in a day or so and I greatly anticipated getting the game, but wondered whether I should wait for the full version or not. Somehow I forgot it came out on Early Access the day it did, then the day after it released, a relative reminded me about GoaT - and I immediately bought it without hesitation.

For me, my big draw to the game is the character and atmosphere of the game. Seith did an excellent job at creating a rich little world and I love it. Tilo is also a cool/cute character that's fun to play as too.

I'm hoping the game is finished soon - and that we'll see expansions and a possible sequel too, if Seith is up to it. I see a great potential for the lore and world of the game, and I want to see more of it.
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I bought it because I was specifically looking for games that you could play as a mouse. I typed in steams search mouse. So far I am really loving the game and can tell that you are putting you heart into the game. I love the way the characters look and the level design is really really beautiful. I enjoy searching around the place looking for cheese xD. Not sure what you have planned for the final release but I'm glad I spent the 20 dollars on it. Well worth every penny! The lore is excellent so happy you chose to use a mouse. Squeak squeak! keep up the amazing work! <3
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