Steam Game Awards - Fall sales 2016

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Hi everyone,

Steam is doing an autumn sale these days, as they do every year, but this time there is the possibility for users to nominate a game for the Steam Awards.

There are multiple categories. I suggest that we select Ghost of A Tale for one of those categories.

Unfortunately we can only select one category for one game. So for the moment I put my nomination on "The “Best Use Of A Farm Animal” Award".

Now we just have to spread to word and help those guys get an award!
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I nominated GoaT for The “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award” Award.

Technically it doesn't apply but I think GoaT is going to become more popular when it fully releases.
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As soon as I'd seen that the Steam Award nominations were open to community members I thought "I'v got to nominate GoaT for something!" - Farm animals would be good but don't forget that there's the 'category with no name' category, so you can submit it for practically anything! Though, if I had to pick between the two 'real' cats, I'd probably be with Boolean ;)
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