Number of costume gear sets

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Does the Minstrel outfit count as one of the 5 costume sets? Also are more sets coming in later builds? I think the more costumes the better!! Maybe even clothing piece rarity for more lengthy loot gameplay could be pretty special along with gear set bonuses other than just tricking drunk pirate frogs about your true identity;). Being able to find a thiefs hat that falls along a three step rarity scale (white, blue, orange) would extend the scavenging immensely which I would personally love :) Like a full set grants you extra inventory or maybe the ability to grease your tail and light it on fire to scare guards! Or possibly an additional set specific distraction/stunning device. I also agree with some other past posts on the pc forum regarding the ease at which Tilo can avoid getting hit by the rat guards. Maybe keep the jail guards the way they are but the courtyard ones might have arrows or a faster attack speed? I'm in love with this game and will be telling all my friends to support it! Keep it up Seith.
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Thanks so much for your message, and your support.. Yes, we'll be introducing new costume sets in future builds. Different costumes will indeed serve different roles - some will make it so that the rats won't attack Tilo straight away, but will challenge him to identify himself, and give Tilo a chance to talk his way out of trouble. I love your idea of new 'rare' costume components, that's neat. We're also working on making the guards more challenging, perhaps in some of the ways you describe. I'll pass on all of your suggestions to Seith - I think you're thinking along the same lines as we are. :)

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