Far West Courtyard

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On the west side of the courtyard is a metal gate. Thru this gate is a long path that leads to the woods and a ruined structure with double doors that can not be opened. around the east side of this structure is a path that leads back towards the courtyard and has a locked door that needs the armory key. has anyone found this key and if so where.

For the Developers of the game to the south west of the double doors is a large tree that Tilo can clip thru, just a heads up. BTW this game is fantastic so far.
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I don't think there's anything to do out there yet. I spent a fair bit of time searching every square inch of it, including climbing up onto some of the ruined stone arches on the stairs and trying to jump up into a window of the circular building.

I couldn't find the armoury key anywhere either.
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The next update will introduce new quests and mechanics for this area. Coming soon!
Thank you!

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Clue: The armory key is being held by a guard.
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