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I bought this game recently and I've been looking for greaves for the last 2-3 hours.

On different online videos, I saw them in the courtyard behind a door under a stairway. However, in the version that I am playing, that door does not seem to exist.

Was the item moved to another location, or is it just me? Also, no armory key to be seen.
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Hi Tarusam,

You're right, the greaves have been moved since the earlier videos were made. The Armory didn't exist in the earlier build of the game. The armory key is on the belt of the Rat Guard patrolling the stairs, which can be reached by crossing the second bridge in the forest (near the Far Tower).

Let me know if that helps!

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That part of armour is really well hidden.
Courtyard map says (with paid help of Rolo, who marked the place) it is in the courtyard area, one level beyond ground-level.
When you opened the armory door and go into the armory, you are already a little bit to far west according to the courtyard map. But the floor-level is the right one. Searching around in the armory leads to leaving the courtyard map and entering the far tower/armory map, where this peace of armour isn't shown.
At the moment I have no hint.
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