Will GOAT move to Unity 5?

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Did you implement true fullscreen for GoaT? Dunno if some recent update to Unity finally changed the default, but too many games do use borderless fullscreen and then sell it as "fullscreen" option which it simply isn't. There are various relevant technical reasons to support true fullscreen.

Have you looked into image quality aspects such as proper AA as well? While it does create a bit of a blury image (probably more so with more detailed shaders) I was impressed of Playdeads TAA method, since - at least in their own game - it has been very smooth with little artifacts.

Given how stunning (seriously, it's really great both artistic and technical as far as I can tell from the many previews you've shown) Ghost of a Tale looks, I really would love if you take equally great care about making that world look artifact-free and smoothly rendered :)
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Thank you! :)

Yes, we use true full-screen. And although we don't use Playdead's AA (haven't tested it) we don't use Unity's default AA either (can't say much more about it at this point I'm afraid)...
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It seems that Unity 5.4 could help GOAT's performance!
http://blogs.unity3d.com/2016/07/28/uni ... ats-in-it/
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