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david wrote:@GabDC... thank you so much and see you at the event! Definitely, absolutely come and take a photo with me/Tilo :D
Oh, I wish I could attend! I meant that I cannot wait to see some online coverage of GoaT. Speaking of which, maybe we should create a Gamescom master thread that can be updated with all of the impressions, interviews, etc. in one thread? :)

Edit: GoaT was just shown in the Microsoft conference during the ID@Xbox segment! I guess that confirms GoaT coming to the Xbox One! So excited! Congrats Seith!
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'Ghost of a Tale' Community Manager
'Ghost of a Tale' Community Manager
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@EvilKing... nice! if I get time, I'll see if I can score you some swag from those companies

@Gab... excellent suggestion, I started a new thread with a couple of images, and I'll try to add more as we progress, to share a flavor of the event with you guys, with links to any major articles featuring GOAT.

Also just for fun, if you'd like us to Skype live with you from the event, send me a PM with your username and I'll add you. We can schedule a video chat, I'll hold up the camera and spin it round so you can see what is happening live at Gamescom!
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