Listed bugs on playthrough - January 2020

This is where you can post about bugs and issues that are specific to the PS4 version of Ghost of a Tale.
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I've spent twenty-one hours while playing this game on my PS4 pro:
1. Game crashes while auto-saving (could be PS4+member-online-savegame-cloud-issue), after speaking with any character (not more than 16 times during the whole first playthrough playtime*).
2. Game crashes occasionally (only 3 times during the whole playtime) while being out in the "park" where the hero-obelisks are.
3. Save-Games do not have timestamp on PS4 (pro), so system can not identify latest save.

After all I am very satisfied with the game. Good job to the whole team of yours.

PS4 pro (set to "Location" Germany)

*main menu
setting or option to deny / disable autosave after dialog could help a lot. (First Fix)
Possible, that this issue is caused by PSN Savegame Cloud, similar to the STEAM Savegame Cloud
Will disable the Cloud and continue "testing"
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