Slacker backer campaign

Seith…a word from Seith…

“Thank you so much for your interest in Ghost of a Tale! As you may know, I’m making the game mostly on my own, with just US$60,000 from the IndieGoGo campaign – but the average budget for a big-name game is $50,000,000! So, if my game appeals to you, it would be great if you would back me in this Slacker Backer Campaign, and support indie game development.”

Tweek_pic…a slacker backer speaks…

“GAH! I missed the IndieGoGo campaign or I’m an IndieGoGo contributor who’d like more! It looks like I’ve come to the right place to support the game, get discounts, maybe receive some exclusive items and play the game before the official launch. Also, if I need more info, I can find it at the bottom of the page. YAY!”

Slacker backer campaign FAQ

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Just click on the relevant question to roll out the answer

– Why are you doing a Slacker Backer campaign?

The Slacker Backer is for you if you missed our IndieGoGo campaign, or if you would like to increase your IndieGoGo rewards and contribution. As you may know, I’m doing most of the work myself on a miniscule budget – so I’d really appreciate your support and help to make Ghost of a Tale an even better game!

– Are there discounts and special items?

YES! This is an important time in GoaT’s development. For supporting my game, and taking a bit of a risk on my skills, I’m offering a 10% discount on everything. There will also be some some items and free Slacker Backer forum badges that won’t be available after this campaign closes.

– How long will the Slacker Backer campaign last?

I’m sure exactly, but it will be for a limited time. This campaign will certainly end before the full game launch.

– Will there be other items in future?

As you’ll understand, right now, I’m focused on making my game great! But, at the right time and if there is enough interest, I’m certainly thinking about other things like t-shirts, plushies, art books, prints, and special editions.

– What if I have a question not answered here on this FAQ?

Just send an email to David -our helpful and friendly community manager- at [email protected], or post a question on the community forum at