Nov 032015

This is going to be a very short update but I wanted to share a critical announcement with you: I was in the process of setting up the game’s Steam Greenlight page in order to start the required voting process. But in the middle of it I had to stop.

Why? Because Valve just contacted me to let me know they’re willing to skip us straight past Greenlight and land us directly into Early Access.

HOW TOTALLY AWESOME IS THAT!!! And completely unexpected I might add. I mean this is just mind-boggling (hence my quoting the late Vizzini in this post’s title)!

Besides the rarity of such an occurrence (to my knowledge at least) it’s going to save us a lot of precious time and energy that could have been better spent on developing the game.

If you’ll allow me a personal aside here; game development, contrarily to certain misconceptions, is not just fun and games. It is demanding work. Each and every day (and sometimes night) you have to fix broken things, find a way to bypass limitations, deal with frustrating technical issues, etc… So when something like that happens it feels good, believe me. It does. πŸ™‚

Finally a big thank you to Matt and Tom from Valve, without whom this post would not have been possible! πŸ˜›

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  1. Woo hoo! Way to go πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see things happening on Steam! Kudos to Valve for being such a good sport!

  2. NOW THAT is kickass news.

  3. That’s awesome! Does this mean the early access release will actually be sooner than expected? From the last update it sounded like there were still a few things you wanted to complete before early access anyway. Either way, can’t wait. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your support, Felix! There’s still a lot of things to do before the game is in any shape to be made public. Even by Early Access standards. So this is great news in that it’s one less hurdle on our way but it won’t make the game release any sooner, unfortunately… πŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations, that`s great News.

  5. Fantastic news ! Keep the good work ! Can’t wait for playing GoaT πŸ˜‰

  6. Fantastic news man.

    I have a question. I cannot wait to play this game and my plan is to play it on Xbox One, my Surface won’t do. Any updates on that?

    • The Xbox One release will only happen after the PC version is done (I mean out of Early Access). Whether or not the game will reach Xbox One Preview before the Xbox One version is complete is of course not entirely depending on us. But rest assured I will post news about this as soon as I know more!

      • Awesome man. Fantastic. Two more questions…is this video truly from the Xbox One version?


        And is there any combat or do we mostly hide and sneak away from enemies?

        • This footage was not recorded on an Xbox One; the game was running on a good PC laptop.

          There is very little combat (it’s mostly run/hide/sneak). Although you can temporarily take out enemies if your aim is good… πŸ˜‰

          • Awesome. Thanks for the answers. I absolutely can’t wait to play this next year. It’s looking like truly something very special. Not often you get to explore around and sneak as a mouse and with graphics looking this damn good. πŸ™‚

            Really nice concept and story you got going for this. I wish you all the best and i will keep checking here.

  7. Nice vote of confidence from Valve!

  8. Like!

  9. Congratiulations! I’ll probably wait for the final release, but the Early Access will be very tempting…

    • If you want to experience GoaT in one go, from beginning to end then that’s absolutely the right thing to do. Early Access remains the domain of early adopters; players willing to try an unfinished game, a work-in-progress.

      On the other hand, it is also a way to financially support the developers and give feedback about what’s broken and what you’d like to see in the game.

      Both positions make sense, so you really can’t go wrong. πŸ™‚

      • Well I backed the project on IndieGogo, so I’m all in for supporting the development ;). I just don’t want to spoil a single player experience.

        • So it will be a test of will, for as a backer you will receive the Steam key! Then the real test will commence… πŸ˜€

          • Steam-key?! What happened to the No-DRM digital copy of the game? I don’t use steam, and steam is DRM. I’m a backer too, and i’d prefer the promised DRM-free version.

  10. Good times shall be had!

  11. That is very good news. When you are ready for early access, be sure to make it possible to change keybindings. So many game makers forget that not everybody wants to use the same key setup and some simply cannot use the same setup.

    • I’m actually working on input management right now. Please let me know if you have anything specific in mind…

      • Nothing specific, just be sure to make most keys bindable to any action. I use Left Right Up Down for movement in all games. Right CTRL, Right shift, and numeric keypad are also very helpful. Insert Home, Page Up, Del and the rest, too. You do not have to use the F1-F12 keys, though. I don’t think most people use those for game play, even if Diablo and some games use them.

  12. Excellent. I can’t wait for this!

  13. Wow, nice! Can’t wait for this game, going crazy for it!

  14. That’s GREAT news… Looking forward to seeing this on Steam.. πŸ™‚

  15. Gaben be praised!

    This is brilliant and well deserved… Very happy for you. Clearly they see the potential of your hard work. Congrats!

  16. Nice one Valve, for once given customers what they want.
    And big up Seith, this shows how much interest there is in your game, if you hadn’t already known.
    Can’t wait…

  17. Almost makes me want to get a PC…

  18. Can’t wait for this one. The art style and environment design look exceptional! Great job!

  19. Can’t really say more than has already been posted, but congrats, that’s absolutely awesome news!

  20. Excellent news! I’m assuming Valve sees the potential for a very attractive launch title for the Steam Machines πŸ˜‰

  21. Awesome! Congratulations are in order I think. Good to know you get to spend less time on that and more time on developing. Although I hope you keep remembering to take a little time off every now and again πŸ˜‰ Also hoping that getting this masterpiece into the Xbox One early access is this smooth πŸ™‚

    • You’re making a good point here! πŸ˜€ I do try to take a little moment off here and there, but the heat is definitely on if we want to be able to do the PC pre-release before the end of the year.

      • As long as you remember that you’re only human and you do need a break πŸ™‚ well I’m assuming you are… But yeah you’re right it’s definitely getting close, good luck!

  22. yeah i remember that greenlight page back in the early days of greenlight lol…

    • Ah yes, that was a while ago! And I remember the feedback was quite positive as well. I mean about 99% of the people wanted the game to appear on Steam.

  23. I’m very happy to read this notification, congratulations !

  24. You totally deserve it! Thanks to the steam team to support great game like yours!

  25. Well deserved, I’d say!

  26. I’m with Thijs (Comment #6). That Xbox One version is looking sweeter and sweeter! I believe in you, Seith!

  27. Excellent news, and well deserved! I frequently keep checking back to see if there’s more information available about a possible release date (and pre-order ;)) and even though that’s still unclear I’m very happy to say that your (technical) posts are extremely interesting to read, well written and, above all, comprehensible. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Mark! I’m glad you’re enjoying the updates. Info about a potential release date will be announced as soon as everything clicks. For now I’ll stick with “Trying to make a pre-release before the end of the year”… πŸ™‚

  28. I don’t know if you realize this, but since you posted this, I checked steam every hour if your game is purchaseable already….WHAT’S TAKING SO LONG ;-).

  29. FΓ©licitations lionel!!!! Il me tarde d’en profiter. Des bisous

  30. I’m excited for this! I’ve been following your development for quite some time. My wife and I started playing the board game “Mice and Mystics” (did you get any inspiration from that by chance?), and when I searched for an expansion to that game, I discovered this game! I think the first post of yours I read was when Microsoft
    sent you a developers console. Watching this grow, and reading about your struggles and successes, is inspiring. This is well deserved!

    • Thank you for your support, Jeremy! I heard about Mice and Mystics a couple of year ago. I can’t really say it’s an inspiration for Ghost of a Tale but it’s definitely right in the vein of using rodents as main protagonists!

  31. how the hell did you skip greenlight?? because the game looks cute?? do you know people who know people??…… like, how did they even know about your game?

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