Incredible news!!! IndieGoGo extension of one week :D

May 052013

!!! Incredible news everyone !!!   If you take a look at the remaining time for the campaign you will no doubt notice that INDIEGOGO HAS JUST PUSHED BACK THE DEADLINE BY ONE WEEK!  That’s right, in order to give it more chances to succeed they did something that they NEVER DO. EVER.

Mouse outside a green door

So a big heartfelt THANK YOU to John from Indiegogo!  And thank you Bijan112 for suggesting the idea in the first place. I thought they would never do it. I was wrong… 🙂 “Ghost of a Tale” is also quickly climbing up the Steam Greenlight chart of “Top Rated All Time”; it’s now on the first page of the Concepts section! Things are looking up, guys! We can make it! 😀

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