Magazine features Ghost of a Tale!

Jan 122015

Hi all! And Happy New Year! This is just to show you that the press is taking note of Ghost of a Tale. For example here we have FOUR full-color lavish pages in the latest issue of “The Game” (#4), a French magazine dealing with video games and their creators.

Some of the pictures are from older builds and don’t quite do justice to the current look of the game, yet I believe it serves as a wonderful introduction to Ghost of a Tale for anyone unfamiliar with it:



The game had already been mentioned before in a magazine, but never THAT sumptuously! This is really exciting!

And in the magazine we even afford the luxury of appearing just before a small lesser-known game called “Uncharted 4” and an interview with Naughty Dog…! 😛

  13 Responses to “Magazine features Ghost of a Tale!”

  1. Yay 🙂

    This is realy cool!

  2. Really excited to see this! Congrats.

  3. Congratulations!

    Even with some outdated pictures, I’m still blown away at how cohesive the art design is!

  4. That’s very cool! Really great work on the lighting from kickstarter pitch to now 🙂

  5. Yeees … Magnifique, bonne année à toi aussi et bonne continuation

  6. Well the press is well deserved. It looks fabulous! Congratulations 🙂

  7. Fantastic! Congrats Seith and well deserved! The pictures look amazing! Is that next gen fur there on Tilo 🙂

    So glad I backed GoaT! And Uncharted 4, although it doesn’t quite look as promising :p

    • Hehe. Thanks! 🙂

      This is actually the old fur shader. In my opinion the new one may not look as realistic up close (although during gameplay it’s not that noticeable) but it works much better under any lighting condition. Which wasn’t the case with the old one and is quite important for the game, as it goes from literally pitch black to quite sunny.

  8. Congratulations! 🙂

  9. Félicitations Seith ! Une année 2015 qui commence bien pour ton projet.
    C’est mérité en tout cas 🙂

  10. I just stumbled across your game looking through youtube videos and I must admit from the trailer I am already hyped to play this game. I am glad that you are bringing it to the Xbox One so that I (and others) will be able to enjoy what appears to be a charming adventure. Keep up the great work and all the best!

  11. Just leaving a comment to say I will be buying this on day 1 when it comes out! I read about it in Xbox magazine and loved the trailer. You have my upmost support and I look forward to playing this unique adventure.

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