One Paper Mouse = One Digital Mouse!!

Jan 272016

Hello all!

Since it looks like our papercraft Tilo got some success we have decided to do something nice around it: so let it be known that the first 10 persons who post pictures of their own papercraft Tilo in this forum thread will win a free Steam key for Ghost of a Tale!

All you have to do is build it yourself (of course) and then take a couple of pictures of your papercraft Tilo in a somewhat naturalistic environment. Not necessary outdoors (could be a diorama) but in an environment that would more-or-less make sense for Tilo to be in!

So get to your tweezers, craft knives and glue sticks! And don’t forget to have fun in the process! 😀


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  1. Is the environment necessary? I took a few quick pics of the one I built in December, but not in an environment like that, and I left Tilo with my girlfriends family in Sweden. Not sure if it has survived, but I’m already asking for pics to be taken, if so.

  2. Ah sadly I didn’t find the time, with moving house and everything (needed much cleaning and painting… Damn I hate painting.) On the upside though, I wouldn’t have to try and decide who to give the code to.

    Good luck to everyone who gives it a shot!

  3. One head down, one body to go v:

  4. Papercraft Tilo was my Christmas holidays project! I ended up giving it to my little niece (who loved it btw) so I can’t get any more naturalistic shots at the moment but here’s what I do have.

    • Hmm. For some reason the href embed didn’t work. Here’s the link just pasted:

    • After posting in the forums as I should have if I had not been too excited to read the instructions properly…

      It’s worth noting that this took a lot longer than I expected (about a day of on-and-off working) but the end result is totally worth it. 🙂

  5. I just tried to create one, but you need to have a lot of patience (which I have) and skill, but halfway through working with the head I decided I just can’t do it. It’s all way too small for my big hands :p So I guess I’ll gladly buy the game once it’s released 🙂
    Any idea when this might be, by the way (any indication)? 🙂

    • Paul is quite experienced at papercrafting so I know he didn’t make it easy for you guys. 🙂

      No date for the pre-release yet; it will happen this year though! 😉

  6. Hey erm, I still need tech support, I covered all my monitors air holes with money, but it still doesn’t work, but my screen looks funny now. Is it possible, that you don’t accept euros so far?

    Good luck for every mouse builder, I will sit here and watch steam for a mouse pop up ;-).

  7. I have to admit – my hands and eyes are not good enough any more 🙁
    I tried .. and failed miserably ..
    Kudos to everyone who really built a papercraft Tilo! This is no easy task!

  8. I’ll try doing this today but I have an issue. My printer only prints in black and white so Tilo will have to be black and white as well. Is this a problem or will my entry still count?

  9. Bonsoir Seith,

    Hâte de pouvoir mettre mes petites mimines sur une souris (malheureusement inerte) ou une manette et de voir tout cela sur un écran.

    Prévoyez-vous des éditions boites et / ou Collector sur Pc et Xbox One ? Aurons-nous accès à une bêta prochainement ?

    PS : je vous avais posé une question dans mon dernier message, mais elle a dû être noyée dans la masse 🙂

    • Hello Catie, n’hesite pas a te servir de l’adresse email de contact (dans le cadre “About” en haut a droite de cette page). En ce moment c’est tres charge mais plus tard sans doute!

      Pour l’instant pas d’edition boite prevue mais nous y reflechirons quand le moment viendra; ce serait en effet tres chouette. 🙂

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