More than a thousand emails… wow!

May 222013

Email inboxThe campaign is now officially done! 🙂  But I am certainly not! Just take a look at the little screen-grab of my inbox. “1234” is not a code for something; it’s just the number of new emails I have to go through since the day before yesterday. Granted there’s a lot of automated stuff in there, but still, it’s going to take me a couple of days to sort out.

Then it will be on to taking care of all the perks fulfillment (which will take some time as well). Meanwhile I’m not working on the game of course, but that’s normal; I knew what I had signed for when I launched the campaign!

I will receive help, so I think that should work out fine. In any case, I will keep on communicating here and keep you in the loop with regard to the campaign’s Perks fulfillment. Then I’ll be able to go back to work on “Ghost of a Tale” and post about the game’s development!  And at some point we’ll be able to transition from the campaign’s update pages to a dedicated site and forums so we can maintain a sense of community…

Congratulations again everyone!!! 😀 Seith

  2 Responses to “More than a thousand emails… wow!”

  1. Here’s to the future!

  2. Can’t wait to play it ^^

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