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Thank you for your support, less than a week to go

And look how far we’ve come! I could try and list all the sites and people who mentioned the project but it would take many updates to fit all of it, so I’ll keep that for later! Let me thank all of you guys who are doing their best to spread the word and tell their friends about this little game; when the campaign succeeds, it will be thank to all of you! And a special mention to David who helps me stay atop of the campaign and is preparing a nice website for you guys (more on that in an upcoming update).

Here’s a wallpaper for you all featuring a little mousy minstrel and his lute. The Zip file contains seven different resolutions, so hopefully you’ll find one that suits your monitor: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/101126402/W…

Wallpaper featuring mouse


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