Funded… we made it!!!

May 192013

Mouse found a stick!

WE MADE IT!!!  That’s incredible! No, really; it is. Why? Because a month ago “Ghost of a Tale” wasn’t on anyone’s radar. No journalist was aware of anything in regard to the project. The campaign was a text-book cold start.  So you can all be proud of yourselves, because you’ve made it happen…

In fact from my point of view that is the single most amazing thing about the whole adventure; to see that you, the backers, decided this could be a special little game worth helping. And that you acted on this feeling.

As I wrote on the main page, one of the reasons I started this campaign was to see if there were enough potential players that could be bothered; it was to be a stern (and very public) verdict on the viability of the project itself. And boy did I get a resounding endorsement!

Thank you to each and everyone of you who have contributed to this campaign, whether from a financial or moral standpoint (and often both). As one of you said in a recent message, I shouldn’t think of this success as a heavy pressure weighting down on me as I work on the game, but rather I should think of it as an huge mark of affection for the project. And indeed I very much like the notion!

I will keep posting here any important updates until I can all direct you to an official site and community forums where you’ll be able to keep being involved in the creation of the game. Meanwhile, I am sure all of you will join me in breathing a long sigh of relief… 🙂

(As a side note, if I haven’t replied with an email to one of your suggestion or question for at least 2 days, then it probably means your message slipped between the cracks. In that case, do not hesitate to contact me directly on my personal address: seith [at]

Ray of light

  4 Responses to “Funded… we made it!!!”

  1. HOORAY!!!

    I fell in love with this game just seconds into the trailer. I wanted so much for it to become a reality.
    It thrills me to see that now it will be. It looks AMAZING.
    The characters and world are simply wonderful. I can’t wait to play. =-)

    • me too, though for me it was seeing Seith’s videos of early versions of Ghost’s characters when he was working in Cryengine. Check out the other videos on his youtube channel and you’ll see what I mean.

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  3. I am So so excited for this game im bursting

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