Gamescom trailer is done!

Jul 252014

Hello everyone! With August very soon upon us this might end up being the last update before Gamescom. I’ve just wrapped up work on the reveal trailer yesterday at 3AM. It was back-breaking work, but it’s done and I’m happy with the result. I want to thank Paul for his indispensable help on finishing the trailer and obviously Jeremiah for his hauntingly beautiful soundtrack.

The trailer is an important element to get right because for a lot of people (I hope at least) this will be the first time they’re introduced to the world of Ghost of a Tale. You guys already know about the game of course, but it’s still pretty much unknown to the wide gaming audience.

It’s a difficult act to balance as Ghost of a Tale is definitely not a AAA game. People expecting the scale of Skyrim or the action of Dark Souls are not going to find it. Instead they’ll find a small game with elements of exploration, action, stealth, adventure, and I hope the charm and heart which I think so many bombastic AAA games lack nowadays. Here’s a screenshot for you (it’s HD resolution so you can make it bigger). It’s not part of the trailer, just some dark, humid location in the demo.

Image of Tilo standing by a lectern

So now I’ll move on to working on the playable demo we’ll show on our booth (Hall 10.1 Aisle C No: 51). It’s going to be at pre-alpha stage, meaning a lot of elements are not there yet, like the questing and dialog system, inventory, etc… But the mission for Gamescom is not to say “here look at our game, it’s almost done!” but rather to simply raise awareness. And despite the fatigue, the bugs and the long hours I have to say I love how the game is shaping up. What is shown at Gamescom is going to be but a fraction of what Ghost of a Tale has to offer… 🙂

Cheers, Seith

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  1. The screenshot is very beautiful … Looking forward to seeing more 🙂

  2. Do you plan to switch to the upcoming Unity 5? Many of its features would sure help you with the development. Would that break your game (don’t know which version of Unity 4.X you’re using)?

    • I would love to switch to Unity 5 when it’s released but the truth is I am certain it will break a lot of things in the project and potentially a large number of assets/tools I use from the Asset Store. So right now I’m thinking that Ghost of a Tale will happen on Unity 4.5.

      But hey, maybe I’ll bite the bullet and attempt the migration anyway, who knows! 😀

    • hey Mike… I’m guessing a bit here, but I suspect Seith is still using Unity 4.x though he is likely considering looking to moving to 5.x (if it doesn’t break too much) when he has a bit of breathing room after Gamescom

  3. Can’t wait for the trailer and to hear impressions from Gamescom!

  4. I remember being blown away by the first trailer so much I backed this project and even just a screenshot oozes with atmosphere. So happy this is shaping up so well, good luck at Gamescom.

    • hey Philip, hopefully Seith will let me set something up so we can livestream footage from Seith & us. We’ll hold the camera up so.. if you have time to check it out… you can see our stand, people playing the demo, get a look at the crowds and other stands. At the very least -b’cos we might be insanely busy-we’ll put some video footage on YouTube 😉

  5. Awesome !
    I’m coming to gamesom on the 14th, I’ll try to find you nd say hello 😀 (I’m a backer)

    • …definitely, definitely come to visit our stand. Seith is really friendly and down-to-earth. Stephane (marketing) and I (community) will be there too.

  6. Can’t wait for the trailer, let alone the actual game.
    I think watching you guys through the process makes this game already more absorbing and heartfelt than picking one up off the shelf.
    Been a fan of the indie game scene for roughly a year now, and this one is looking like it would be one of my favourite and worth the wait!

    Enjoy Gamescom.

    • I know what you mean. For me, the experience is a bit like being a roadie for a decent local band and being alongside them as they strive to develop their own sound and hopefully ‘make it’…

  7. Beautiful screenie! It is oozing with atmosphere and for some reason it looks sincredibly real and believable.

    Too bad I won’t be able to make it to Gamescom. On the other hand, we now have a trailer and a new piece by Jeremiah to look forward to.

    Just one thing: I’m not sure about the green flame being part of the GoaT logo like in the above screenshot. It kinda looks like an effect from a 80’s arcade brawler (you know, when someone hits with a special move). I feel it is a little out of place tbh.

    • thanks Kwisatz… I’ve worked for a year each with UDK and CryEngine, and I’m still astounded by what Seith is doing with Unity. He shared the Gamescom video with me the other day, and it looks utterly sensational in places – honestly exceeding triple A standard in certain visuals. There are clips from in-game scenes where it looks like a beautifully-realised movie. Though as you know Seith carefully avoids the AAA comparison, citing a smaller scale experience… but for me, in places, the visuals are jawdropping.

  8. Gorgeous work!

    I think it’s a really good idea to focus on producing more wholesome elements of gameplay/experience that AAA games have trouble executing. I actually spend most of my time avoiding AAA games because they all tend to provide very similar gaming experiences to eachother. Be careful with stealth gameplay though, as it can be very difficult to make waiting fun in a game. I’d hate for this pure and beautiful game to get bashed by the ignorant.

    As always, love your work, very inspiring!

  9. Oh, and I also can’t believe this is all done in Unity… Stop feeding us lies! 😛

    Just gorgeous…

    • Thanks Kevin! Unity certainly has come a very long way since the days it was only capable of outputting games that looked straight out of the 1990s… 😛

  10. This game looks really nice. It was a surprise on the Xbox Press Conference for me. Keep up the good work and I hope when the game is ready for the Xbox One it will be this amazing as it looks in the beginning today.

  11. So…ehm…how about that…you know…trailer…getting unpatient…and excited too…pls pls. I don´t want to wait.(Yeah I know it is better to release it closer to the end of gamescom when all the big games will already have their announcemnts made but man…I´m hyped).

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