Interface is coming along!

May 312015

Hello all, welcome to this new update! Lately I’ve been hard at work on the UI side of the game. Which comprises the inventory, the 2D interactions with the world, textual feedback, etc…

For example in this animated picture you can see Tilo looting the contents of a chest. As a player you can choose which item you want to take or you can take everything in one go.

opening chest

You’ll also notice that the chest remains slightly ajar when Tilo’s done, which is a visual indication (useful at a distance) that this container has been emptied. This way if you don’t remember you looted the chest you don’t need to come and check again. The mention “(empty)” is also added so there’s no confusion as to why you can’t access the contents anymore.

And here is the way Tilo can switch his currently equipped item on the fly. Note that you can also equip items from within the inventory of course but this is a much more direct way to do so.


I have also finalized the quest system! I’ve looked long and hard at using an existing Unity quest manager asset but I finally opted for writing one from scratch (which took me a couple of days). This way I’m sure it’s an exact fit for the game.

The inventory itself is not 100% finalized yet (there are still some data to fit in there) but it’s really exciting to see all of it coming together. It looks and feels like a proper game and as a result Tilo is more of an actor and less of a witness now.

Finally, on a totally different topic I feel the need to address the fact that the game is going to be one year late of what I thought when I did the Indiegogo campaign (it’s been 2 years to the month since the campaign ended).

As you all know it has been a learning process for me but I assure you I do work very hard each and every day (the concept of week-end seems like a nice memory). Thankfully all of you are supportive and follow closely the game’s development. And I just want to express my gratitude for this rather mature behavior. It is rare enough on the internet to be appreciated as such!

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  1. Great update! I love the swaying lamp when Tilo pulls it from his inventory 😀 UI looks fabulous as well!

    I’m sure, people appreciate all your updates, I know I do, and the constant feedback from your side is at least one factor why everyone is anticipating the game even with a delay, rather than demanding a speedier delivery. This game is obviously made with a lot of love and dedication, and rushing it would destroy this feeling.

    Keep it up! 🙂

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to write this, Eisfuch. I certainly hope your feeling is shared by most of the original campaign’s backers… 🙂

      • I second his attestation. We have every confidence in you. this updata edoes exactly what you said, it is making it feel more like a game and seeing it come together is quite the awesome. The list of “stuff” in the chest excites me. Makes me wonder what kinds of items and “stuff” we’ll come across as we search and explore. I figure there will be a lot of junk items and it’ll take the smart mouse to find the golden treasure amongst the junk (even if the treasure is just a stick!)

        So many of the projects I have backed are late, so having this run over is not really any kind of issue, especially knowing the work involved and how great it looks to be.

        • Right, I guess it does mitigate the waiting a little when you’re able to follow the game’s progress more or less in real time.

          To your point regarding junk items; actually there’s not going to be a lot of those. Because currently the inventory’s size is limited (based on slots, not on weight). And each and every item collected will have its use (whether it is to eat, drink, read, throw, light, etc…).

          So no Skyrim-sized junk pandemonium here… 🙂

  2. I like it! love the chest thing where it stays ajar, i cant remember how many times ive played games where i end up trying loot the same chest several times….

  3. Another great system update, Seith – looks like progress with Ghost of a Tale is tracking really well. While this set-back isn’t overly important, I’m slightly confused as to what release window you’ve given yourself – Q1, 2016? Q4, 2016?

    Still, just as well you’re not like Ubisoft and work to a release date; the game will be ready when it’s ready. Keep it up!

    • Thank you Hayden! I was just addressing the fact that I had (imprudently) stated during the Indiegogo campaign that the game would be released at the end of 2014. I didn’t mean to imply I just pushed the game’s release by a year. I’m sorry for the confusion!

      The game will definitely be out before Q4 2016 (this is one thing I can promise you). I will post an official update regarding release plans as soon as possible. 🙂

  4. I’m sooo in love with this project :))
    It’s looking great, can’t wait for the release!

  5. Can Tilo hide in an emptied chest from foes? That would be great!
    Or is this only possible in special containers?

    • Yes! Tilo will be able to hide in any container that looks like he could hide in them. For example he can hide in the cupboard and barrels you see on the left side of the chest (in the first picture).

  6. I’ve been following your game closely since its been published on indie gogo. It’s so nice to see this development process with all your posts it makes more excited for this game.

    In all honesty this is the game that has me waiting to buy a Xbox one.


    Is the health bar final? I think it could do a little tweaking in the colors or the sub bars, I am not so fond of it very much, but that’s just my opinion.

  7. Ghost tale will appear at E3?

    • No, Ghost of a Tale will not be present at E3. A presence would have required a significant investment of time, money and energy which unfortunately can’t be spared at the moment.

  8. Thanks for the update! I tend not to say too much, but I’m always excited when the new progress emails arrive in my inbox.

    The game is looking amazing so far. I really enjoy the fact that he can hide in the containers after! It’s nice to see that level of interactivity with the environment.

    As another one of the backers, I just wanted to pipe in that I share the same sentiments as the other two who have commented already. Your updates are appreciated and it’s been wonderful to be able to follow the game’s development like this. Because of that, I certainly don’t mind waiting a little longer to experience your hard work at the end of it. Art shouldn’t be rushed after all! Looking forward to what comes next!

  9. Much like Seylyn above, I’m not big on commenting full-stop, but I’d also like to add that I’ve been following all your updates with a great deal of pleasure and anticipation!

    It’s definitely more important in my mind that you work at a sustainable pace and produce the game that you want to. You’re obviously putting a lot of care and attention (and love, no doubt!) into this, and it shows in every screenshot and animation we’ve seen.

    • Hi Ian, thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts here! It does feel nice to see the dev updates are actually closely followed. And what you mention is indeed important; not getting burnt out on the project. Which is why I always make sure to get enough sleep. I’m not a young pup anymore… ^^

  10. I really want this game, right now. It looks like it’s going to be awesome! Really great work and I can’t wait to play it, that said though, I wouldn’t mind one bit if you had to delay the game for 2 years because I know it would be worth it, no point rushing it only to find it’s full of bugs after it’s released haha. Looking forward to the next update, good work and thank you!

    • Not to worry, the game won’t be delayed for 2 years, that’s for sure! But again, it’s a little difficult for me to gauge this because I’ve never created a game before. Next time I’ll have that experience! 😀

  11. Just wanted to say, thanks for all the updates, I may not have commented before, but I do really enjoy hearing how the development is going.
    Having followed Ghost of a Tale since the campaign started, I’m still just as (if not more) excited about the game, as I was then!

    Take as much time as you need/want/can afford and keep up the good work 🙂

    • Well a heartfelt thank you for your long-lasting support, Jimmey! Be assured I will only take the time sufficient to make sure Ghost of a Tale is a good game. And not one minute more! 😀

  12. I just saw and hear about this game looking for indie games that are coming out on the Xbox One. And have to say WOW!! This looks like a amazing game. I hope you guys take your time and and give it great controls. (please allow to invert controls=) And would love to be able to pick up new things along the way in the game to customize Tilo. Like a eye patch,hat,ninja mask to spice it up. Anyway you guys have something here!! I love everything I’ve seen so far. Thanks for coming out of the box. Can’t wait for it to hit the Xbox One I know it will be a classic.
    Brian Heil

    • Yes, you will be able to invert the controls! 🙂 And it will indeed be possible to pick up a few items to customize Tilo’s appearance along the way.

  13. Just ‘found’ this link .. Game looks absolutely awesome!.

    Hope that it continues along, and that you (and your team?) continue to enjoy making what appears to be a really sweet game.. 🙂

  14. It looks great! And don’t be afraid: Take your time.
    It’s much more important to have a intensive atmosphere and great game then a fast release.
    Thank you so much for the update. 🙂

  15. Really hyped for this game, just hope that it comes to linux as I won’t be able to play it otherwise, even though I backed it.

  16. Hey man, why wasn’t Ghost of a Tale at E3 this year?

    • That’s a good question; as you may know I live in a small village in the south of France and going to LA for E3 would have meant an investment of time, energy and money which I prefer to spend on developing the game (plus I hate flying if I don’t have to).

      So far Ghost of a Tale is still under the radar of most gamers, journalists and publishers (there are exceptions of course). Maybe Microsoft could have elected to show more of last year’s Gamescom trailer at this E3 but that was entirely at their discretion and I’m not privy to those decisions.

      Let’s look at it the positive way; if the game is a success I think a lot of people are going to be surprised! 😛

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