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Jul 242015

Hello there, this is just a quick update to let you guys know of a couple interviews/articles about the game that have been published on the web recently.

The first one is in French, and you can find it by clicking on the picture below:

ScreenShot 2015_07_15 07;38;22001_cropped

The second one is in English and you can read it over at

It talks a little more in details about the technical aspect of creating the game and the Unity engine. For example the use of tessellation compensating for relatively low-rez models.

Although it is worth to point out on the picture below that what you see is temporary whitebox geometry in Maya, NOT the final in-game meshes that get tessellated.

ScreenShot 2015_07_23 12;38;00001

Just a couple of development news: Paul has been hard at work on writing the game’s dialogs and it’s all shaping up very nicely. I’ve even added queries into the time-of-day system so NPCs can greet you while mentioning the proper time of day (ie: “Good afternoon!”). 😛

I’ve done a pass on optimizing the UI and that paid off; I was able to shave off a handful of frames-per-second by reworking the entire system and separating each canvas into its own prefab.

Incidentally the UI system (inventory, dialogs, main interface, etc…) is starting to come into its own and feels more and more consistent.

So things are moving forward at a steady pace! The amount of work left to do is still rather daunting though. I think that within a few weeks I should be able to accurately assess the situation with regard to an early release.

Of course release plans have not been finalized by a long stretch yet but it is looking more and more like we’re going to do an early release of the game on Steam. In any case I will post many more details about that in an upcoming update!

  11 Responses to “Articles and interviews”

  1. L’interview m’a fait bavé ! Hâte de pouvoir y jouer !
    Bon courage à toutes l’équipe.

    Juste une petite question : j’ai financé le jeu sur Indiegogo, quand le jeu sera terminé, aurais-je une version Steam ou une version standalone ?

    Merci d’avance !

    • En temps que backer de la campagne tu auras access au jeu sans DRM. En ce qui concerne Steam cela veut dire que tu auras une clef qui permet d’installer le jeu dans ta librairie existante.

      Si tu ne veux pas utiliser la plateforme de Valve il devrait etre possible (encore une fois si tout se passe bien) de faire tourner le jeu sans Steam. Voila, j’espere que cela repond a ta question!

  2. À chaque fois je me dit : WoW ! Il fait un sacré job!
    Voir ces petites news sur l’évolution de ton projet me ravis et je reste impatient d’en connaitre plus.

    Félicitation à toi Lionel, et à tous ceux qui t’aide pour accomplir un jeu qui sera (qui est déjà) une référence.

    Bonne route.

  3. J’avais lu le premier article et le deuxième est très intéressant. Content d’apprendre que le développement se poursuit normalement.
    Ca ne doit pas être facile de gérer le dév et la com en même temps, j’espère que la date de sortie approchant le jeu aura une couverture médiatique suffisante pour lui assurer le succès!

    • Cela peut en effet s’averer difficile parfois! Mais le moral est bon et le travail continue de bon train. Quant a la date de sortie… j’en parlerai pus longuement dans un avenir pas trop lointain j’espere… 🙂

  4. Good afternoon, Seith! 😉

    Good to hear you are progressing steadily! The amount of information you are posting here alongside building this gem is impressive. Other devs should take notes 🙂 Thanks for linking these articles, I would have missed them otherwise. I’m very glad to hear you are leaning towards EA. If there is someone who is prepared for that, it is you and your team!

    The game looks absolutely fantastic, as always!

    • Thank you sir! I do have more info that I’d like to share, but all will come in due time! 😉

      (by the way I saw what you did there 😛 )

  5. Just read the English interview.
    Etremely enjoyable and interesting, with a great insight on your creative process.

    I’m pretty sparse at commenting your blog posts, but I’d like to stress that I’m always interested in reading them and I get more impressed with your game at each update.

    I’m confident the same goes for a lot of other people.

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