Gamescom 2014!

May 132014

Hello everyone! This is a quick update to let you guys know that Ghost of a Tale will be officially presented at Gamescom this August in Cologne (Germany). There will be a playable demo so please come by our booth and try the game for yourself!

Gamescom logo

We will of course announce more details as the date approaches. Just to be clear: the demo is going to be a work-in-progress but it should give a pretty good idea of the finished product.

I won’t hide from you that the amount of work to be done until then is absolutely staggering. It is going to be a race against time on so many levels for everyone involved in this adventure.

Finally (and this is unrelated) I very recently received a package from Microsoft (thanks Alexis!) containing one of their Xbox One Developer Kits. Which is pretty neat as they are still fairly rare!

Xbox One developers kt

At the very least it means Microsoft is aware of Ghost of a Tale and interested in seeing it land on their new console. Which, again, is pretty cool for our very humble endeavor!

This is by no means a confirmation that the game will make it to the Xbox One of course (so many things could happen on the way). But it is a first step nevertheless and I hope you’ll agree that it is pretty exciting!

On these good news I’ll get back to work… 🙂

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  1. Wow, such good news!
    I’m not usually the guy to attend to these kinds of events but seeing it’s not that long a way from Munich to Cologne I’m almost tempted to make an exception…
    Anyway, I wish you and everyone involved the stamina to get through with this in time and I’m looking forward to the first “leaks” of GoaT on youtube 8:)=

  2. PlayStation would be so much more interesting… I stand by my support of this project, but have always considered the chances of playing slim since I don’t play on PC anymore. But not Xbox either.

    • …there is still the possibility of a PlayStation release 😉 Once the PC version is well in progress, Seith has expressed interest in considering all the consoles that have the graphical horsepower to run GOAT.

  3. that sounds very exciting!
    and i hope ghost of a tale will make it to all current consoles.

    • yes, if there is enough interest… it is a possibility!

      however Seith is working like crazy on the PC version these days, and I think he’ll need to be satisfied with this before he looks at the consoles really seriously.

  4. Wow, great news indeed. I hope this will get more people excited about the project!

  5. Awesome news! I will do my best to get my butt over to Cologne.

  6. I would love to get there but it is too far away for me. I hope we will at least get to see video from demo. That would be awesome. Good news anyway and wish you luck with ze Germans :).

    • hey Broccoli 🙂 I’m really looking forward to it, and I’ll definitely post footage of the event. Also, I’m quite sure that – at the right time – Seith will post video footage of the demo too!

  7. I’m curious if this game does come to the Xbox one and can run on that engine, would it be possible to, since I don’t own an Xbox, to have the PC version and plug in my Xbox controller that plugs into my PC and use that like some steam games can? and would it be compatible for that?

    • Hi PocketMouse – Yes, I’m fairly sure that you can use your XBox controller with GOAT in the PC version. When I was testing a very early version of the game, my XBox controller worked really well, and Seith has mentioned using his controller for gameplay testing too. As for me, I love to use my controller on some Steam titles like Splinter Cell.

      One thing though, I’m not quite sure if GOAT will be compatible with the Steam ‘Big Picture’ technology, but let’s hope so 😉

  8. Is there still hope for an linux version, too?

    • Hi Christian, yes there is hope! There is some info on the FAQ, though it is still very early days and Seith has to make the PC version first… so, as you’ll understand, he is careful about committing to everything 🙂

    • +1 for a linux version 🙂

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