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Pour les francophones parmi vous et Brian Fargo

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Unity gallery articleAlso today “Ghost of a Tale” is Indiegogo’s Campaign of the Day on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, which should hopefully be very helpful in terms of visibility. So thank you to the Indiegogo people who obviously believe in this project and went out of their way to help it!

Yesterday Brian Fargo (a video-game legend) was kind enough to tweet about the project to his thousands of followers. And I hadn’t even contacted him! 🙂

Finally Unity 3d (the company that makes the engine I use) just featured Ghost of a Tale on their site! So you’ll find an interview there regarding the development of the game, along with behind-the-scene screenshots of the editor: http://unity3d.com/gallery/made-with-unity/profiles/lionel-gallat-ghost-of-a-tale Enjoy!


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